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GEMS Maharashtra Creates Awareness on Child Abuse in a Village School

Child Abuse awareness program was conducted in a village school at Maral by Maharashtra team through which teachers, parents, children and local leaders were educated on ways of prevention and protection.
The Child Abuse awareness at a village school in Maral (Konkan) of Maharashtra was conducted on 26th September 2017. In this program five teachers, twenty parents, eighty-three children and two local leaders attended.

Bro. Sanjay Panhalkar (Zonal Superintendent, Maharashtra), Bro. Meghnath, Bro. Ravi, Bro. Nitin represented GEMS in the program. Bro. Amit took the session on child abuse and Bro. Meghnath concluded the meeting with the final talk.
Through this program the teachers, parents & children were taught on how to protect the children from any abuse. There was a good response from the teachers and the parents. GEMS Maharashtra could establish good contact with this school and the community through this program.

Pray for all the teachers, parents and leaders who participated in the Child Abuse awareness program that they may help protect the children. Pray for all the children that they may be safeguarded from abuse. Pray that through this newly established contact the children and the elders may know Jesus who calls everyone into His kingdom of righteousness, peace & joy. Pray for all the ministries of GEMS Maharashtra. 
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